Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

In this section we try to answer some of the FAQ our community has been asking us. If you still have a question we are more than willing to answer :)

iCry2Talk is a low-cost, non-invasive intelligent interface between the infant and the parent that translates in real-time the baby’s cry and associates it with a specific physiological and psychological state, depicting the result with a text, image, voice and sign language message

Through the iCry2Talk application the parent records for 7’’ the baby’s cry with his smartphone. A series of acoustic parameters based on a time-frequency analysis of the signal are extracted to be used as features for the classification algorithms. The feature set produced is uploaded on the cloud and serves as an input for machine learning and deep learning models that perform cry classification in various categories. The result of the translation is depicted on the screen of the user in the form of a text, image, voice and sign language message with some recommended care actions.

iCry2Talk works best for babies under 12 months old as afterwards babies start develop further their communication skills and stop relying solely on their cry to express their needs and desires. 

No, iCry2Talk is not meant to be used as a substitute for appropriate medical and parental care. iCry2Talk just suggests with a high accuracy percentage the potential reason behind the baby’s cry but it is up to your discretion to choose the appropriate care method to treat your baby. iCry2Talk cannot provide any insight whether your baby is healthy or sick or whether it’s an emergency or not. Please consult your doctor in these cases.

For more information regarding the project you can send us an email at or consult our social media platforms at @iCry2Talk.

How can i help?

We host a worldwide cry donation campaign to enrich with cry samples our databases and increase our accuracy percentages. If you have a baby up to 12 months old and want to contribute and support our project you can download the cry donation app (available for Android and iOS devices) together with detailed instructions for installation and join our iCry2Talk community!

Firstly, you support our project in bridging the communication gap between infants and their parents and help millions of parents all around the world, including yourself, to understand their baby better. Furthermore, by donating labeled data of your baby you can have access later on to an iCry2Talk algorithm personalized specifically for your baby and its way of expressing its needs. Lastly, you can have access to particular offers and features that are available just for our community members.

Given that an infant's vocalizations could be deemed as information of sensitive kind we automate data analysis to be implemented locally on the user's device and send only the extracted features (numbers) and not raw voice data on our servers that follow all the privacy standards and are HIPAA-compliant, for further processing. Each user is assigned a coded identification number once they provide informed consent which will be kept confidentially and will not be shared amongst consortium partners or any other group. The features of the cry samples that have been donated by the users for our database cannot lead to the identification of the user. Lastly, iCry2Talk is compliant with the latest prerequisites highlighted in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Directive. For more information, please refer to the Consent Form and our privacy policy that you acknowledged and accepted when launching the app.



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