The app that translates your baby’s cry.

Why Do Babies Cry?

The cry sound produced by an infant is associated with a specific situation related to his physical and psychological condition (eg. pain, hunger, fear, discomfort etc.) and comprises the infant's first speech manifestation in its effort to communicate with his environment. 

The Need

            Concerning the Baby:

Distraught babies whose cries elicit no immediate response from a parent or a carer develop high levels of adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol. The presence of such hormones is toxic for the developing brain of the infant and can cause brain damage, nerve degeneration, anxiety disorders and affect its social behavior on a logterm basis. The responsiveness of the parent to the cue of his baby is the most important influence of a child's intellectual development.

            Concerning the Parents:

Responding promptly and properly to their baby’s needs is one of the most difficult challenges parents must face.     They feel inadequate towards their parental duties, discouraged, stressed and exhaustedThe number of young or even adolescent parents that need guidance and support is increasing every year.

The problem is even more discernible for hearing impaired parents or mothers suffering from postpartum depression

The need for an objective tool for cry recognition both on an individual and societal level is evident now more than ever.


Jason Hadzikostas

Software Developer Engineer

Andreas Loutzidis

Machine Learning Engineer

Anastasia Ntracha

Signal Processing Engineer

Dimitris Iakovakis

Data Science Researcher

Leontios Hadjileontiadis

iCry2Talk Mentor



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